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Every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 17.00 – no reservation required , but encouraged.

Rate: 17.50 euro pp

The standard tour is in English. Dutch-language tours can be organized by appointment. The walk starts in the PIC at Enge Kerksteeg 3 and lasts about 1.5 hours.
If you would like to come to a group on another day or other time, please call or e-mail for more information:

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De Wallen have been the most special area of ​​Amsterdam since the earliest history of the city. This piece of medieval city with beautiful buildings, ancient churches and the sex industry as an important attraction, has a huge history and that is worth a walk with a guide who can tell you all about it!

The aim of our walk is of course to introduce people to this special neighborhood, but above all to give more general information about the sex industry in the Red Light District.

Many of our guides and hostesses have worked in the sex industry, or are still doing so. The tours of the PIC are unique and give you an impression of the Red Light District from the perspective of sex workers themselves.

Before or after the tour you can look around in our coffee house where there is much to see and read about the past and present of the Red Light District. You are also welcome to quietly warm in waiting with a fresh cup of coffee or tea from grandmother’s cup. There is always reading material ready for people who want to learn more about the subject of prostitution. For a moment, you can always follow up!

No reservation needed, there is always room. But you may come earlier in the day to be completely sure of your place.

* Our groups are never larger than 20 people.

Other days and times by appointment.  Would you prefer a private tour? That is also possible, please contact us .

* Did you already know that the PIC is a non-profit foundation? 100% of our income is used to keep the PIC open and to stand up for the rights and self-organization of sex workers. We do not receive a subsidy – we prefer to store our own trousers (with your support).

Groups and lectures:

Do you have a group of colleagues, friends or students for whom you want to organize a wall walk or lecture about working on the ramparts? This can be done on any day of the week, of course by appointment. Lectures can take place at the PIC, or arranged at a location by you. For more information, prices, and reservations, call or send an e-mail (


We can also combine a tour with a visit to a window brothel, a lecture, a lunch in our own room, or with a Q & A (question and answer) session with a sex worker. Do you have (other) special wishes? Let us know we will do our best to accommodate you.

For information about large companies, options and rates, please contact us via e-mail:

Important : Do not take photos (in the immediate vicinity) of window prostitutes during a walk around the neighborhood. It is everyone’s own choice whether they tell everyone what work they do. And unfortunately there is still a lot of stigma – and a lot of annoying legislation – against sex workers. Photographs present the danger that they are ever confronted by acquaintances who were not aware of this or in any other way whatsoever violate the privacy of sex workers. Everyone must respect this!