PIC Mission

Prostitution has existed for as long as there are people on earth and will never cease to exist. It is a way for many people to make money. Everyone has their own opinion about this and that is allowed, because that opinion has to do with how you deal with sexuality.

We find nothing wrong with sex work, provided they have chosen to do so. Forced sex or sex with someone who is unable to indicate something is always wrong.

In many countries, prostitution is illegal and the men and women are hunted – by law! – be forced to work in hazardous and unsanitary conditions. Sex workers are treated in many places as if they were criminals.

The fact that many people find prostitution bad, has to do with the morality of (especially women and) sex and the fact that prostitution is often associated with human trafficking or drug addiction. Unfortunately, you often hear in the media very one-sided stories that are not based on facts and further increase the stigma against sex-growers. In our experience, the majority of sex workers in the Netherlands work free of choice.

Because problems such as forced prostitution and other forms of exploitation do exist, it is important that the government listens to the experiences of sex workers in order to better understand what is needed to improve the situation of sex workers in legislation, policy and implementation. Someone who is afraid of the police and (whether or not forcibly) does something that is forbidden, will not ask for help as quickly. Contrary to what some people think, legal prostitution does not encourage trafficking in human beings , the opposite is true.