About Us

The Prostitution Information Center, called PIC for short, was founded in August 1994 by former prostitute Mariska Majoor. The PIC is an independent foundation that can provide for its own maintenance and receives no subsidy from the government. The aim of the PIC is to make prostitution negotiable and to teach people understanding and respect for sex workers.

The PIC provides information about prostitution from the perspective of sex workers to anyone who needs it. For people who have questions about prostitution, the PIC is a place – in the middle of the Red Light District in Amsterdam – where almost all questions can be answered or from where can be referred to other organizations. Tourists, prostitutes, their clients and students; everyone is welcome.

In addition to personal interviews, the PIC reaches its target group through guided tours, lectures, and the media. The most important groups that the PIC focuses on are tourists and students. With projects, the PIC focuses on sex workers and customers.