Sex Worker Info

The PIC offers office and meeting space to PROUD, the new association for sex workers in the Netherlands. More about PROUD can be found on our own website:

Sex workers are always welcome in the PIC. The PIC is a place for anyone who needs information or advice on prostitution / sex work, but the heart goes out to people who work in the sex industry. Ultimately, we do everything with the intention of fighting for better rights, working conditions and, above all, image formation about your work.

We are not social workers or social workers. We can often refer you if you need help. But at least we offer a listening ear when you need it. Most people who work in the PIC also come out of the profession.

On certain days and in the evenings, our space is available (free of charge) for holding meetings for / by sex workers. They can be organized by themselves or by others and are about things that are important to them. Meetings can in principle be organized by everyone from the course (of course in consultation with us) but must be related to the work, your rights and standing up for your interests. Also sex workers who like to talk to (former) colleagues about certain personal topics such as relationships, family or your own sexuality are welcome to ask us to organize a meeting on such a topic.

What else:a lot happens in prostitution, both legally and socially. There is a lot of negative talk about sex work and in the longer term it will be even more difficult for sex workers to get some understanding and respect. It is important to make a counter-sound and that is why the PIC will make itself stronger than ever before as an ‘action center for sex workers’ rights and image formation’. To let society know that sex workers are not all (or even rarely) bad, pathetic and victims, it is important to let your voice be heard. Do not you want that because you want to remain anonymous and therefore do not want to go out, then understand we do that. To let your voice be heard, others can be your mouthpiece, but then you have to let us know how you think about something. So: let your voice be heard! Tell us how you think about your work, how you are doing, what you want to change and what needs to be done to improve something. You can do this at any time of the day via email ( or of course at PROUD.

Dont be shy; the PIC is not a formal organization and always fun so you are always welcome to come and chat! It can occasionally be crowded with the arrival of students or tourists but then feel free to dive in or just escape the kitchen.

The PIC is not a representative or a social worker. If you are looking for one of them, look under the heading ‘links’ and look for what you need from the organizations mentioned. Can not you find it or can not be helped anywhere? Then contact us and we will help you search.