The archive is a collection of sex worker related and created materials dating back to the 13th century. The archive includes not only sex worker related documents from Amsterdam, but international items as well.

If you want to access the archive online, please scan the QR code. Please note that you can see what is in our archive, however if you want to see documents in detail, you need to visit the PIC in person.

The archive is not complete nor perfect. The archive is continually growing and relies mostly on donated items. We are missing but hoping to source more items relating to intersectional and diverse experiences.

If you want to book an appointment to explore the archive in detail, please email to book an appointment. Then we can make sure someone is available  to help you and explain items in the archive.

If you would like to donate to the archive (either items or financially) please contact us via our email.


Please scan to access the archive online:

QR code to online archive


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