Day to End Violence to Sex Workers  #IDEVASW – 17th december 2020

‘Open Wallen dagen’ Saturday 18th  and Sunday 19th juli 2020

The PIC was one of the participants.  Details (in Dutch)


PIC - Persbericht 2 juni 2020


En #DENK is dus eenzelfde ramp voor sekswerkers. Utrecht geeft daar al jaren een goed voorbeeld van, waar Denk het Zandpad steeds heeft geblokkeerd en bij voortduring criminaliseert.

Dat doet deugd. In aanmerking genomen dat Nederland een volledig legale sector kent, sinds 2000 welliefst, dat herhaald vergelijkend onderzoek geen verband tussen legaliteit en het quantum mensenhandel heeft geconstateerd. Én dat genoemde resolutie weg is gestemd. #sekswerk

Mocht er iemand nog hebben getwijdeld: Omtzigt is slecht nieuws voor sekswerkers.

Niet verrassend natuurlijk, komend uit het conservatieve CDA nest...

Die Simon hieronder is van de Christen Unie, ook duidelijk sekswerk.

AmsterDames interviewed one of our team members for her podcast - great listening about sex work ⬇️

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PIC Amsterdam

Information about sex work, sex workers rights and the Red Light District for everyone. Wed-Sat 12-5

6 days ago

PIC Amsterdam
The UN Working Group on discrimination against women and girls has published a new position paper titled "Eliminating discrimination against sex workers and securing their human rights".The paper outlines the negative consequences that the criminalisation of sex work has on sex workers' health and #humanrights. It calls on states to decriminalise all aspects of adult sex work as a way to address systemic discrimination and violence and the impunity for the violations of sex workers’ rights.See the position paper here: ... See MoreSee Less
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3 weeks ago

PIC Amsterdam
We were shocked to hear that nobody from the gemeenteraad responded to this important letter signed by Transgender Network Nederland (TNN), Trans United Europe/Trans BPOC European network, Soa Aids Nederland, Klachtenbalie voor Sekswerkers and Amsterdam Center for Sex workers, regarding how earlier closing times in De Wallen are impacting the trans sex worker community. Trans sex workers face substantial stigma and discrimination, and the “experimental” earlier closing of windows is impacting thier income, well-being and safety. This letter was sent Monday 4th September and has received zero response. Dear parties involved, Since April 1, 2023, the closing times of windows in the Red Light District have been brought forward from 6 a.m. to 3 a.m. These early closing times are the reason why we, as organizations closely involved in the sex worker community working in the Red Light District, are jointly addressing this letter to you. Transgender Network Netherlands (TNN), Trans United Europe, Complaints Desk for Sex Workers, Aidsfonds - Soa Aids Netherlands and Amsterdam Center for Sex workers (ACS) have an important role in promoting social equality of the sex worker community. Through this letter we would like to let you know that we are concerned about the impact of adjusting the closing times on the Red Light District. These measures have created problems for sex workers, with a greatly increased risk for LGBTIQ+ sex workers, and especially transgender sex workers, as the Red Light District is the only place where they can work safely and with a permit. There is currently no alternative for these lost hours. A marginalized group where socio-economic inequality is increased by these measures instead of counteracting it. Various studies show, among other things, that trans women in particular are relatively more likely to be discriminated against or intimidated by employers. In addition, this also has major consequences for their safety and mental resilience. Due to our close contact, we receive many signals from transgender sex workers who work in the Red Light District and we see an increase in complaints about the current working conditions in which they find themselves. We also hear a lot about the negative impact on their lives due to the decision of the municipality of Amsterdam. Clients of transgender sex workers come over generally later in the evening for privacy and discretion. This means that transgender sex workers choose to look for customers in other ways, for example by taking customers home after closing time or taking them to a hotel room in order to earn more money. Bringing customers to a home or hotel room involves risks. Finally, the earlier closing times make it more difficult to get home due to... the few options in terms of public transport. Through this letter we hope to create awareness for the position in which LGBTIQ+ sex workers working in the Red Light District, and in particular transgender sex workers, find themselves and to show that bringing forward the closing time in the Red Light District does not contribute to social equality and destigmatization of the sex work profession. . Finally, we ask you to look again at the closing times of the Red Light District. We also call on you to take a critical look at the way in which the early closing times are evaluated and to make any adjustments if necessary. We understand that you want to do something about the nuisance in the Red Light District and understand that the decisions that have been taken should contribute to this. However, at the moment the closing times of both the catering industry and the windows have been brought forward. If the nuisance does indeed decrease, it is difficult to determine which factors play a role. It may be that the closure of the catering industry already reduces enough inconvenience, but this is now very difficult to measure because both adjustments have been implemented at the same time. Yours faithfully, Transgender Network Netherlands (TNN) TNN Trans United Europe TRANS UNITED, Aidsfonds Soa Aids Nederland SOAIDS Netherlands Complaints desk for sex workers complaints desk for sex workers Amsterdam Center for Sex workers (ACS) ... See MoreSee Less
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